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On the last Friday of the half-term Jill Leary invited schools, mums & dads etc to bring their children in to the station to a 'Hope FM Open Day' where the kids could see a real live radio studio AND get to talk to Aunty Jill on air!

Although the uptake was not as good as expected, those that did come loved the experience and one of the parents sent us these pics with express permission that they can be published.

So YET another amazing happening from the portals of the South's major community station!

On Wednesday morning (12th November 2014), Nigel Hedges (Chairman: Bournemouth Town Centre Management Board) surprised Chrissie Pollard (HOPE FM Community Matters presenter) with a lovely bouquet of flowers after they had been running the 'Bournemouth Town Centre' feature on Chrissie's 'Community Matters' show every week at 9:30 am for the past 5 years, without ever having met one another!

Although Chrissie insisted that she didn't want to meet Nigel (because she felt it might take away the obvious chemistry they had on radio), he decided to surprise her at the studio this morning, armed with a bouquet & a special 'thank you'.

Although Chrissie loves the station and her community programme, she is having to cut back her time on Hope FM to pursue other interests that have become more demanding on her.

On Monday night the studio was graced with about a dozen young Polish pupils who came in specially to pay homage to Remembrance Day by way of audio presentation & song.

The Polish Show on Hope FM talks to a community of around 10,000 expat Poles based in the conurbation.

According to Greg Zynkowski (presenter) many thousands are tuning in to hear their 'own' programme on 90.1 on a Monday evening, 8 - 9 pm

Hope FM ‘Community Matters’ presenter Chrissie Pollard is a former BBC trained journalist who has worked for the BBC on radio and television.